Augmented & Virtual Reality Videogames

Babies on a Plane

Role: Game Designer, Producer, Sound Designer, Storyboard Artist

Space Vandals

Role: Game Designer, Producer, Sound Designer, Animator, Storyboard Artist

Photoshoot from Hell

Role: Game Designer, Producer, Sound Designer, Artist/Animator

Music Album

GTA Funk (released by Darker Than Wax)

Contributed: music, videos, vinyl artwork, merchandise design

See musical credits on left

GTA Funk Promotional Banner Artwork

Contributed: music, editing, animations, dance, direction, and some videography

Contributed: music, animations, editing, direction


The Last Gardener

Contributed: story, direction, character design, and animation

Humanity had realized its physical limitations and cybernetic augmentation became the norm. The world was overrun with plastic waste; pollutants broke down into microparticles, seeping into everything from drinking water to crops. Researchers then identified a strain of viruses capable of utilizing this abundant resource, both integrating it into their structure and turning it into toxins. Government militaries across the world began working on an escape plan: what became known as the Human Singularity project, consisting of volunteers uploading their consciousnesses into fully-mechanical bodies.


Ad Campaign & Game

Shopping Safari Amazon Media Campaign for Best New Product Awards

Contributed: strategy, campaign design, character design, ad design, game design and development, and web design.

Desktop: Arrow Keys

Mobile: Tilt


App Interface

Shopper Army Mobile App

Contributed: strategy, interface design

Interactive Site

TORSTAR-Shopper Army 'Desk Mom' National Sampling Campaign

Campaign included foldable print insert included with nationwide college product sample bag (distributed during orientation week for students). Print card drove visitors to an interactive landing page complete with sound effects, a scrolling 'jaw', and hidden Easter Eggs (like a link to a meatloaf recipe, or the Desk Mom Twitter account).

Contributed: strategy, campaign design, print design, and site design